Corporate & Company Days


Are you working to build a resilient, engaged, and productive Team for your business?

Look no further and join the list of Local, National and Global companies that have enjoyed a Corporate Day at Soccarena. They are a great way to get out of the Office or develop cohesion by getting remote workers together.

Improve Team morale ✓

Strengthen communication ✓

Build relationships ✓

Increase motivation ✓

Introduce healthy competition ✓

Relieve stress and reward staff whilst having fun ✓

All you have to do is invite staff, customers, branches and/or management and we will organise the whole event for you. The day will consist of a football tournament, the presentation of medals to the winners and runners-up afterwards.

Food and Drink can also be provided as part of the package for all participants.

You can enjoy the ‘beautiful game’ and plan with confidence at Soccarena.